Sweet Home Kentucky is a small family business that raises honey bees and sells local honey!


Originally we started out raising bees and making honey as a hobby. Soon it became much more than just a past time, and the decision was made to enter our honey into the Kentucky State Fair. The entry into the fair confirmed what we already knew, that it was a fantastic product! The honey won the sweepstakes at the Kentucky State Fair in 2013 and 2015! In 2014 the honey was entered into 9 different categories and won 9 different ribbons!

23062Our father’s honey was receiving a fantastic response and what’s more it was in high demand! We made the decision in late 2015 to start bottling the honey and selling it to consumers.

Rural King was the first store to approach us about selling our honey in their local retail location.

We are so pleased that we are able to share what started as a hobby, has become a business that we can share with all of you!

Sweet Home Kentucky

Sweet Home Kentucky